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I will put my dwelling place among you (Leviticus 26:11)

Date - (28.9.2020 )


  I will put my dwelling place among you (Leviticus 26:11)

Dear Beloved in Christ..!                                                                                                                   

Greetings to you..!

   It's a Beautiful, Bright New Day with many surprises waiting for you. The Lord whom we serve is so Good!  He delights in giving His children the best thing, good thing and precious things.  Yes, Our Lord is so Loving, concerned and filled with compassion. He is a concerned Father who rushes to our cry and quick to answer our prayer. So Cheer up, God has got something Great in store for you today, something Good, Something Better, something which you had never expected , wished or dreamt.

    This God of Love looks at you and says, "I will dwell among you and will not let you down''

The Bible says,

  1. The rain water filled the earth with Noah's family and the animals were in the ark for around 371 days not knowing what to do. The Lord who was dwelling with them, saw the troubled heart of Noah and sent a wind that subsided all the waters and started a New Beginning in the  life of Noah.

  1. Joshua and the Israelites were troubled in their heart that they were not able to go forward due to the 13 feet tall and 4 meters thick big Jericho wall. The Lord who was dwelling with them, saw the troubled heart of the Israelites and He sent down His Power and crushed the walls down and helped the Israelites to go forward and claim their New Promise Land.

  1. The Bent women who was bounded by the Satan for 18 years, was filled with tears that she was crippled with no one to help her. She came to the synagogue expecting to meet Jesus Christ and get prayed.  Jesus Christ who was in the synagogue saw her troubled heart  healed and delivered her immediately, proving that He is a God who heals us.

   Beloved, Are you struggling alone with your problems? Are you worried, saying I have spent all the little things that I had saved, hereafter I don't know what to do ?  Are you troubled about the weakness and sickness that is tormenting and worried what if it continues ? My Dear, Remember The Lord who said I will be with you, He will not allow you to suffer alone, He will give you the strength to overcome everything, He will provide every needs in a miraculous manner, He will heal you from the weakening sickness. So don't be worried about the troubles around, great days are ahead of you.


                                                                       God bless You..!

Bro Maxwell Lazarus

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