Word of God




                                                                                                          - Prophesy Revealed to Bro. Maxwell Lazarus




In midst of trouble it will be a SEASON OF JOY, a reason for a NEW BEGINING



(Until Now) I will bear you! I have done it and I shall carry you, bear you

and I will deliver you.” ( Isaiah 46:4)

I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do ; I will not forsake them. ( Isaiah 42:16)

  • For the Children of God this year will be a year of PERFECTION, RECTIFICATION, SANCTIFICATION, RECLAIMING BACK what was lost, denied, rejected, slipped from your hands
  • To those who are faithful, This will be a Year of Transition a change that you had been waiting for a long time.
  • To those who trust on the Lord, This will be a Year of New Start, New Chapter, New Pathway in your Life, Career, Business and Ministry.
  • This will be a year - You will see God revealing His glory and you will see the Prophesies coming to pass that seemed to be forgotten, delayed and that seemed to be impossible.
  • You shall feel and see God's mighty hand working, settling and perfecting everything about your Family, Job, Business and in the Lord's Ministry bringing Joy, Blessings, Honour and Recognisation in your Life and Career. 
  • This will be a Year - An answer for all your long waiting, justice for your injustice and things that you had been waiting patiently in Tears.
  • God told me for the children of God, "This will be a Year of New venture, New doors opening, a Year people shall see a great change in you"
  •  Issac sowed in time of Famine and received 100 folds, Yes this will be a Year a recognisation for all your hard labour.
  •  Issac went forward and became great -  Yes this will be a year, You will go forward.
  • God says, In midst of all your troubles, I will be with you as a pillar of Fire guarding you.
  • There are some who are worried about the things that slipped away, denied, rejected and the things that had not come to pass in the previous year's 2020 & 2021. The Lord told me to tell you "The best is yet to come, because 2022 will be a Year, where you will see the Latter and the Former Rain together. You are going to see something New, something Better, something Great in this year" Expect great surprises from the Lord..!
  • This will be a Year of Difference for those who are Faithful and Thirsty. You shall sense the mighty pour of the Holy Spirit in a greater way confirming His word with signs and wonders and inmidst of troubles and opposition your ministry boundaries shall increase from glory to glory.
  • This is the Time, This is the Hour, where God is going to pour HIS Spirit upon all flesh, especially upon the young generations in a mighty way and raise many young people to shake the world by their mighty preaching followed by signs and wonders and will do mighty miracles proving that the Almighty God is with you.
  • This will be a time of reconciliation where you will see and hear about the people coming together in great number with an urge, a thirst to seek the presence of God in Prayer and a heart to have a closer walk with God.
  • The Lord said, "This is a time The Church shall see a greater Glory, this is the time to prepare the Bride to meet the bride groom." This is the End Time, The preparation for the End Time ministries has already begun.
  • Get Ready - No more Time
  • Get Ready - No more Tears, No more Fear, No more Worries, No more unwanted burdens, Because God says, "This is the time you will sense my touch, feel my touch, see my Glory and reveal the touch of God and thus you will become a Sign of wonder, a Sign of Hope, a Sign of Joy, a Sign of Blessing for many.
  • These are the days people shall sense the fire of Revival and the pouring of the Holy Spirit in a overflowing way in an over measuring manner.  This is not the END, The BEGINING of a GREATER REVIVAL...

        Remember God has chosen you to be a part of this great Revival..!


But for the world this year will be…



“And there will be strange signs in the sun, moon, and stars. And here on earth the nations will be in turmoil, perplexed by the roaring seas and strange tides. People will be terrified (in Fear) at what they see coming upon the earth, for the powers in the heavens will be shaken (Luke 21:25-26)

    “And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars... For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these  are the beginning of sorrows” (Mathew 24:6-8)

Be Ready for what is coming...

  • 2022 will seem to be a time of darkness, gloominess, things not Clear, people will be pushed to live in Fear and worries due to the now and then Natural disaster and destruction coming to the planet Earth.
  • It will be a threatening Year with people left behind to live in Fear and Worries due to the pressurising new laws and some selfish decision by some Nations causing a hopeless and a peaceless situation everywhere.
  • This will be called and spoken as the beginning of great Tribulation.
  • 2022 will be a year where we will see and hear a series of events of many political parties collapsing in many Nations.
  • It will be a Year of Warning and we will see the severity of the Global warming.
  • It will be a Year with many challenges to face with darkness and dark forces taking the upper hand in binding the people. Coming days Fear, disappointment, emptiness, hated, hopelessness  will be the image in the face of the people.
  • It will be a year filled with spiritual battles as well mental and Physical battles. Children of God, prepare yourself to face the big challenges bravely. You can overcome those situations, problems only if your foundation is strong in prayer and close walk with God.
  • It will be a pressuring year filled with burdens and troubles with yet many strict laws implemented suppressing the right and freedom of the People. Religious laws coming into process may seem to be End of the Church, end of doing God's Ministry in freedom, because preaching the Gospel and sharing ones faith would be restricted with conditional stiff laws in many Countries. As last year The Churches will be forced with added rules and regulations in conducting the church service and prayer meetings. But the Lord told me, "This is not the END, but a New BEGINNING, a New Chapter in the history of the Church and a new pathway, a new experience taking the Ministries and Children of God to the next level.
  • The Churches, Evangelical ministries, Missionary organization and Christian social and welfare organization shall go through a tough time, due to the tough New laws implemented to follow strictly, the situation may seem to hinder the freedom of faith and religious act. But inmidst of it the Church and Ministries shall expand in a greater way by using the platform of the media broadcast. Just like now, online services will continue now and then, it will be an unsigned agenda.
  • These are the days it will be a wakeup call to the Churches of all denominations around the Globe - The Anti-Christ, The false Prophets will take its throne in the False Church with False doctrines causing a direct threat to The Churches bringing great confusion and separation among the people of Faith.
  • You will hear much news about witch craft and people who do it will be posted in high position in the government.
  • In many countries we will hear news about protestation, revolting, unlawful situation due to the new rules and laws implemented by the government, due to this those countries will be pushed to a dithering and instability in the government.
  • Economy rescission and unemployment will rise in many Countries.
  • Omicron Virus fast spreading would affect one's Life not only medically and also financially, many people dreams will be shattered due to the high interest rates forgetting the home values and putting pressure on stock and crypto markets.
  • The Pandemic and Lockdown situations will continue in many Countries.
  • Due to the disruptive weather, Climate changes and Covid virus effects, many countries will be in unrest due to the high record prices, increase in the Food, Vegetables, Cereals, Oil, Petrol, Diesel.
  • Due to the economy crisis heating up, We would hear unrest news about Hunger and scarcity of food tormenting the common man in many countries.
  • There will be many threatening news from the Terrorist organization attacking people, individuals and the Government, due to this there will be a peaceless situation in many countries. And you will hear continuous news about Violence and bomb blast with terrorist attacks, which was not seen before, bringing trouble and pressure internal and external surprising and spoiling the peace of many countries.
  • Even thou the medicine for Corona Virus is said to be found, But yet many Nations shall struggle to control the virus but left in despair losing many more loving souls, This will be a great burden to those Countries.
  • Coming days travelling to countries will be hard, from now onwards it is not just the Visa, Air tickets, it's about the vaccine that we have to take in each country and later this procedure will be enforced as a law that we have to be inserted with a chip in our body to ensure we have properly received the vaccine. This is a hidden plan of the Evil one to collect our data's and keep an watch over us  to form the New World Order.
  • In the coming days Vaccine will become mandatory to travel, in purchasing things, Election Voting process, to receive Government privileges and also for Banking procedures. Now we are recommended to have Vaccine boosters and in future it shall be extended to 5 Boosters.
  • The New Virus Omicron will come out with many more new variants changing its face, changing its appearance, changing its reaction bringing fear and worries into the people's mind, which will be a threat to many countries crippling the country activities, crippling them Economically and getting the Vaccine to the people will be a  greater challenge.
  • We will hear terrifying news about some kind of sickness, Virus or germs infection which will cause speedy aging, causing great changes in one's physical appearances and it will also affect one's mind with memory loss and the bones and nerve system.
  • It will be a challenging Year for many countries - due to the continuous Lockdowns, work from home Culture and eating much cold frozen foods, it will cause new kind of health problems causing such as obesity, depression, anxiety and mental disorder.
  • You will hear and see many false prophets arising with their false interpretation of the Word of God and misleading and misguiding many people bringing great confusion to the Christian Faith.  
  • We will hear more news about the countries coming together forming a group and alliance, in result later forming one Government, one religion and one Money and much news about the beginning of New World Order. The Lord told me that the One World Order army is already been prepared and they are just waiting for orders.
  • In the coming days Media will play a major role in polluting and corrupting the mind of people.
  • You will hear much talks about Socialism, men and women are the same, equal rights for everyone, it seems to be very good. But the hidden list will go on saying no one owns anything not just property most things will come under Corporate organization (like Agriculture, Transportation, Electronic Gadgets, Mobiles and even simple things that we use in our day to day life) Our Life will become monotones, As we shall be monitored by someone always. The Personal freedom of one's life shall be snatched away.
  • This Socialism messages will affect even our family Life, as anyone can live however they want and there will be laws which support their agenda, due to this many shall see unfaithfulness and many broken families. Such immorality life teaching and doctrines shall spread and it will be the highlight in many Movies, Tv Programmes, Talk shows and Advertisments (We need to pray much that our children should not be touched by such teachings and the doctrines of western culture polluting Our family unity )
  • The Catholic Church will come out with new laws to follow, this sudden changes will bring a deviation among the catholic Church leader. There will be a controversial news, talks about the Pope and a comment said by the Pope on a certain vital issue, which will be talked much in the Media's.
  • Again there will be a controversial news and comments made about Jesus Christ, Second coming and we will hear news about re-translation and correcting of the Bible.
  • We will hear much news and debates insisting marriage agreements is not necessary and more than that Living together, having illegal relationship, having physical affair before marriage, Gay marriage, Lesbian relationship is not wrong and laws coming to pass saying it's ones personal Life decision and we can't interfere.
  • It's an attack on the future generation by the evil one, due to such laws  on the way, you will see & hear young generation minds will be corrupted to do mal-practice and unfaithful attitude even to their close and dear ones. Young children be careful you are in the watch list, take care of your health and mind
  • Coming days you will hear many news about Sin, Lust, betrayal, online frauds, fake websites ( people who purchase online be careful, people who do online Bank transactions keep an eye on your bank account, because we are entering into a time of lawlessness)
  • This is a Year you will hear much news about nations rising against nations with Fighter Planes, War Tanks rushing and the war Ships in Alarm, making a way for another big War.  Violence everywhere and the signs and wonders happening on the Earth & Sky will clearly reveal that we are in the last days. 
  • There will be many scientific findings about New Planets, New stars and New Black holes.  The unpredictable changing positions of the Planets will bring great confusions and surprising much the Astrology and Astronomy world bringing great fear of the existence and future of the Earth.
  • This will be another historical Year - with many more Prophesies coming to pass, what you see and hear what is going to happen in the middle east will clearly show that we are very much in the Last days and Jesus Christ is coming sooner than expected.


  • As the last year, This year will also be called the Year of Advance Technology, but in much advance - The research centre will come out with New findings in the field of Aerospace, Medical, Military and Robotic systems revealing itself in an imaginary way, controlling one's mind and day to day activates due to this our Life will become systematic.
  • Coming days laws will be enforced to change to a Cashless transaction.
  • Till now we saw Robots used in Medical field, Police & Military Departments used as Courier to deliver parcels, and also used in spying people.
  • Adding to it coming days we shall hear much news about Super Computer using artificial intelligences creating robo's cloned as humans that than can think, speak and make decision on its own. These Robo's will be on sale to be used in helping our daily works and also used for ones sexual activities, later this life style will corrupt human character and it will  obsess them to live a unhumanly life. Such robo's dominating our human life style will become a great threat to the security, lawlessness of those Countries.
  • As last year our Job, business will again become Robotic - work from home, online services and the Government operating from indoors will become an unsigned agenda.
  • It will be a beginning door for Aeronautic technology in Space travel, Space Tourism, advance Rockets, Space Stations and creating of Starships.
  • You will hear much news of greater developments achieved in the field of roadways and Sky Transportation. We saw about Cars driven without drivers coming into use as common Taxi's in many nations, coming days just like the Airplanes taking us to destinations very soon you shall see and hear about flying Cars coming into use in that same manner and great developments made in Motor bikes flying in lightning Speed.
  • From now onwards we will hear much news about Speed - Supersonic trains, Passenger Planes, Military Aircrafts, hypersonic missile, Space Rockets.
  • Coming days there will be much talked news something about a prototype Television TV screen that can imitate food flavours. An advanced technology in which one can taste an image that you view in the TV screen when you touch it
  • There will a news about a rise of a New  Virus from Siberia and Northern islands from the Ice and spread through the water to other countries which will affect the Fishes, water species and sea mammals and it will also affect the people who are living near the seashore with some kind of allergy, infection spoiling one's health.
  • You will hear about a pathetic death news of a President of a Country.
  • As last year, This will also be a Year of Justice, unrighteous people, unfaithful people will come to justice - Government officials, Politicians, Celebrities hidden dark life will come to light and they will be put to Justice.
  • You will hear about an pathetic incidents taking place in Sudan, Yemen, and Lebanon
  • Due to some careless decisions made by the government of Italy, France, Brazil - it will trigger great protestation and spoil the peace of the country.
  • You will hear news about a wave of protests triggered among the people, especially in the Middle East, which will spread and be exposed to other nations nearby across borders.
  • You will hear about pathetic incident taking place in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Somalia and Kabul capital of Afghanistan that will shock the whole world in sorrow.
  • You will hear and see pathetic incidents taking place in Myanmar with people being tortured and killed in open without any mercy this will be condemned by Nations and UNO. This will bring great pressure to the present government
  • There will be a headline news about a Terrorizing activities happening in Australia
  • We shall hear news about Sydney, Brisbane, Perth of Australia troubled much with heat waves, forest fire and earth quakes and earth tremors.
  • We shall hear a news something about the tribal people of New Zealand due to a new law that has been passed, Politically a pressurizing year with some terrorizing incident taking place and some kind of changes taking place in the Sea shore, Sea beds which will trouble the environment of that Nation.
  • You will hear news about another Country troubled and taken over by a Military Coup.
  • You will hear much news about the behavior changes in the Mammals and living beings in the Sea and much news about some peculiar changes taking place in the bed of the Sea, which will be a great burden to many countries.
  • Air Pollution will be a great threat to the whole world, we will hear news about joint resolution taken by the UNO Government and strict norms and laws to follow regarding  the Global warming and against the Terrorist Organization.
  • You will hear news about pestering unheard new Natural Calamities, unpredictable Climatic changes. There will be some peculiar threats coming from the skies, the Sun, Planets and meteorites, especially a news about the Rockets and Satellite sent from the earth.
  • You will hear news about many suffering with mental disorder and depression, due to this not only the concerned family and even that Nation will be troubled. (I got good news for IT people ) Due to this those Nations will pass laws to the Business & IT companies, institutions, Industries etc with instruction given to follow certain norms and protocol such as to less down working hours, weekly off and privileges to be granted
  • Due to the heat of the Sun many countries will be tormented with severe drought and a great Famine that was not seen before in the African Countries
  • This year excess of water will be a great problem and other side drought and scarcity of water and there will also be news of the excess water not worthy to drink
  • You will hear news about Sea water level increasing with the sea water occupying some parts of the country and new rivers arising and other side water withdrawing itself causing to find new islands.
  • You will hear about ancient creatures, insects and water species reappearing and also about new creatures, new insects found which has not been seen or heard before bringing great burden to some nations.
  • This year we will hear many new about accidents in the Sky, Sea and Roadways and much news about the Fire accidents and the destruction and losses will be in a greater way.
  • There will be a threat about a Serial Blast & violence news in Srilanka, Pakistan, Italy, Indonesia, England and France.
  • We will hear headlines news about Satellites and Astronauts and also news about the Scientific changes and new findings in the atmosphere.
  • We will hear terrifying headlines news about shower of asteroids on earth
  • We will hear a shocking death news of a famous Cricket Player, Football Player and an assassination of important Leader of a Country.
  • There will be many Natural disasters like Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Forest Fire, Tsunami waves, Floods, Storms and heavy Rains causing many destruction, damages and losses.
  • We shall see the increase of the cold breeze, heavy Snowfall one side and on the other side the Heat of the Sun will deliberately increase tormenting many countries in an unusual way. I am sad to say we shall see the severity of Global warming around the globe.


"I will make you a wall to this people, a fortified wall of bronze; they will fight against you but will not overcome you, for I am with you to rescue and save you," declares the LORD   ( Jeremiah 15:20 )

United Kingdom

  • It will be yet another challenging year with the burdens of 2021 will continue with many controversial changes and incidents taking place in the government.
  • The nation will be drowned in sorrow due to the fast spread of the New Virus, this will cripple the nation economically.
  • It will be a tidal wave of setback for the present government due to some scandals by the party men coming to light and also about certain new laws implemented restricting the freedom of the people which will be a great commotion, opposition politically and will cause great violence among the people.
  • Economy reforms policies coming to failure and unemployment problems sustaining shall be a great burden to the country.
  • We will hear about many talks and negotiations made between UK and EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol matters about open land borders, open Trades and certain sanctions with custom laws relaxing will boost the economy of the country after six months.
  • We will hear yet another sad news about the Royal family, making the whole world to mourn and splitting the joy of the family apart.


  • China will grow strong as a super power Nation standing firm against western Nations.
  • It will surprise the western world by its new findings and successful developments in the field of Astronomy, Technology and Military affairs. It will go greater heights in the E-Commerce
  • It will try to create and extend many military bases around the globe and it will forcibly try to extend its military territory in the no man's lands of Arctic region and borders of the nearby countries, due to this it will earn the enmity of the Western World and the pressurizing situation from the UNO.
  • To handle this situation with open hands it will try to attract the neighboring nations, Arab nations by easing its policies in trading and promising them military support by this it will try to form a new group, new alliance opposite to USA and the western world.
  • We will hear news about Nations condemning China regarding Taiwan, Hong Kong pressurizing actions 
  • One side it may look China doing well internationally, But internally and externally It will be a troublesome year for them.
  • China shall become a war zone area with many nations joining hands against them, due to some laws made, vital issue of Corona Virus coming to light and due to aggravating inappropriate comments made by the present government.
  • China would be suppressed very much by continuous Natural Calamities, Volcano eruption, Floods, heavy rainfall and some kind of Fog, a poisonous air in the sky troubling the health of the people and Country.
  • It will be condemned by many nations for spying on them, by Computer hacking their military bases and Government concerned.
  • It will face continuous protestation from its own people, due to its policies, laws enforced on Religion, Media restriction and  this situation will become worse by some leaders who supported the present ruling party will depart and support the Protestors. But they will be silenced with something called mind controlling Virus or bio-weapon. This act of suppressing its own people will be condemned by many nations. But it will keep a deaf ear and closed door to them.
  • A leaked video in the media of people being stamped to death and many brutally wounded  would become an great Issue.
  • But inmidst of this pathetic situation, Churches, believers oppressed China will sense a mighty pour of the Holy Spirit and many young people arising up bold and confessing their faith openly and being used mightily with signs and wonders causing a great Revival.

United States of America

  • It will be a year filled with frustration & Confusions.
  • Due to certain careless decisions and allegation erupt, so called friendly allied countries shall change in their opinions and see for other options from other countries.
  • Using this opportunity, China shall come out with its soft policies just for the timing, So called many USA friendly allies will turn towards favouring China in agreement. This will be a drawback and a setback for America, losing its allies.
  • We will hear news about China pressurizing USA with its comments and verbal words exchanged between both the Nations will cause a War kind of Situation.
  • President Joe Biden hidden policies and strategies shall bring great oppression from the opposite political parties and even stiff commotion from his own party men. This confusion will raise the fame and support more in favouring former President Donald Trump.
  • We will hear news about the drop down of US dollars and due to this the economic resistance will rise.
  • We will hear of a sudden pathetic death news of a renowned Political leader, which USA will be taken by surprise.
  • They will surprise the world with their new inventions in the field of Technology, Science and Military affairs. The new artillery weapons and destructive Laser weapons will surprise everyone especially with inventions so called Future Technology of innovative Fighter Planes, Submarines and  a special dress that can make one invisible which cannot be detected in the radar. And I saw some men like Robot's in an combat field, These new inventions will bring great fear and trouble among other nations.
  • Nasa's new discovery about the Space, Planets and many secrets coming to light about the Sun, Moon and Galaxy will be a great surprise to the world. This will be another big step to the future.
  • USA shall stand firm with Israel and it will not change and their relationship will grow more stronger standing as a guarding force from the opponent Eastern Countries.
  • Eventhough the medicine for Corona Virus is said to be found, yet because of Omicron Virus and its changing face variants will pressurize USA into a deteriorating situation  lose many more loving souls. .
  • California, Los Angeles and neighboring places shall see a major earth quake destruction.
  • Cities like San Francisco, Orlando, Mississippi, Texas, Houston, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Missouri, Louisiana and many other states shall sense heavy rainfall and also much affected due to Tornadoes, Heavy floods, Snowfall and Cold wave sweeping the country in an unusual way.
  • But inmidst of it God's Grace and Favour will withstand them.


  • It will be a Golden Period, because long waiting issues will come to an End.
  • It will come out with a solution of finding a perfect Vaccine for any Covid Variants.
  • There will be a headline news about Bird flu spread and a news of something like gas, bad smell emanating from the waters that will spoil the environment of Sea Bed and Sea living creatures.
  • It will be an historical year with many historical incident and prophesies coming to pass. We will hear about a sudden appearance of a Star, due to this we shall hear the Jewish people gathering together from many nations and talks made in rebuilding of the historical temple. This will be the sign that we are in the last days and  a message that Jesus Christ is coming sooner than expected.
  • There will be an controversial news about the border lines of Israel.
  • Due to certain decisions taken favoring the Jewish society and not others due to this it would be a war like situation in and outside the borders of Israel. 
  • We will hear much news about agitation of Islamic Nations about the USA - ISRAEL relationship and in result the Arab nations pressurizing the UNO against Israel. But Israel shall stand firm in its stand in their commitment.
  • Inmidst of such pressurizing situation, Israel will rise up like an eagle renewing its Strength growing much more stronger in Technology and Military affairs and overcome everything situation easily.



  • It will be a Blooming Year of extending its territory of relationship from the western to eastern and Asian countries. 
  • It's innovative policies will build good relationship with the European Union nations, it will try to fill the gap that USA had left behind.
  • It will come out and reveals its innovative invention in the military field that was not shown to the world. The inventions like Aircrafts, Submarines and sophistic weapons will catch the western market. Due to this you will see many nations will come to make some agreements and thus it will place a platform for itself.


  • It will be a Year going more stronger in Power
  • We shall hear much news about Satellites and Missile Rockets of next level that Russia has been developing in secret.
  • We would hear news about Hyper sonic Missiles & Aircraft that cannot be seen in the Radar that can even penetrate the anti-missile defense systems.
  • There will be important agreements made between China and North Korea, which will be a  great fear and threat to its neighboring countries.
  • This will be a threatening year, destruction waiting due to natural calamities and danger from Skies and Comets attack, it will sense heavy snowfall which will be a great burden to that Country.
  • There will be a news about tensions between Russia and Ukraine which would increase petrol, diesel, gas prices surging around the globe. Due to this there will a pressurizing situation from the Western World and  UNO regarding its Countries affairs.


  • It will be a stepping year to New Level of Recognisation
  • India shall shine more and more in the Scientific research, Astronomy and field of Agriculture and Military affairs amazing the whole world.
  • Aeronautic Innovative ideas and input developed in India will be recognized by other nations, And there will be many joint ventures done with USA , Russia & Israel.
  • You will hear much news about something called E - Sports (games played online) it shall be played as tournaments. As the games produced in India, shall have great recognition among the other nations. Coming days this will become a world competition game just like IPL.
  • The economy of the country shall bloom gradually, because of  many prominent countries  will come and sign important agreements in the field of Trade, Military, Aero Space, Medicals and analyzing it many foreign companies will come to re - invest in India and due to this many stranded business like Automobile, Electronic, Export and Imports shall start to flourish again.
  • In midst of many Nations drowning and struggling with economy crisis, But India will stand firm due to certain ideas and formats that India will conclude with the help of young entrepreneur's lead and guided by The Holy Spirit, by this Christians will find favour.
  • You will hear some controversial news about Corona Vaccine and about the Companies manufacturing the Vaccine.
  • You shall hear more Indians playing significant role in Politics field in many Countries especially USA, Canada & Britain. Which will be favorable to India and Indians in many aspect.  We will hear about Young Indians shining bright in the Western dominating World.
  • It will be a Stressful Year Internal and External, outwardly everything might seem to be good, bright, But inside it will be filled with disputes, Fear, agitating protestation spreading all around the country putting it to great embarrassment and there will be news talked and commented by other Nations.
  • Internationally India shall be recognized and enjoy great status of honor, but internally it shall face lot of oppositions from the opponent parties and from the people of the Country, due to implementing and forcing certain laws to be in action and due to the death of some certain people, the Protestors will become violent and the situation will look like a warzone
  • This will be a setback and a burden to the present Government and the result will be seen in the forthcoming elections.
  • We will hear about the sudden death of a Prominent Movie star, Musician, Cricketer and the demise of a important political leader
  • The Innovative steps taken by the Tamil Nadu & Karnataka government will be talked internationally, opening doors for new Business to flourish in India.
  • You will hear a Pathetic news in and around Ayodhya, spoiling the Peace of the Country & State.
  • This will be a year filled with all kinds of threats from Terrorist Organization and external interference of the other nations trying to spoil the peace of the country.
  • China will take the opportunity of the Economic standard, Crisis of instability in the Government of India, it will try to occupy Lands and interfere in the Country Affairs.
  • We will feel the heat of the sun and snow fall, cold breeze in an unusual way differing from what was not seen before and we shall see heavy rainfall now and then and excess of water will be a great problem.
  • We shall hear many controversial news about Religion and laws implemented.
  • Inmidst, We shall hear about the outpour of the Holy spirit in a greater way and many news about VIP's, Great Dignitaries openly confessing their belief about Lord Jesus Christ.
  • God will raise young people like David, Joshua, Elisha and Daniel, this young generation will arise up to power and hold positions of authority in the Government. There thinking and doings will be different from others. They will Lead, guide and Judge the Nation to the right path because they will be lead by the hands of almighty God. They will come out with Plans and strategy to settle down the problems in the business sectors of the Country

                     PROMISE FOR THE CHILDREN OF GOD

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