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The Lord will not forsake His People; He will not abandon His Heritage (Psalm 94:14)

Date - (17.05.2021 )

The Lord will not forsake His People; He will not abandon His Heritage (Psalm 94:14)

Dear Beloved in Christ..!                                                                                                                   

Greetings to you..!

    My dear, You are Blessed, Beautifully Created and you are Precious in the hands of God,  So there is no need for you to be afraid or terrified of anything for our Lord  who is with you will never leave you nor forsake you. But there are time when situations are opposite to you, when we are oppressed and pressurized by problems around, We feel that we are lost, abandoned or forgotten and everything is over in our life and everything gone out of hand.

     My Dear, Just because the roads before you are filled with curves and loops, it doesn't mean, this is the end and you will not reach your destiny, remember every roads as a connection to another road to reach our destiny, same way Our God as many ways, many plans to perfect every good thing that He has prepared for you. So Don't Panic about the present situation, He is standing beside you as a shield to Guard you, A sign of Hope like a Rainbow, A Ray of Joy to remove all your Sorrows. So Don't worry, Be Happy..!

       This God of compassion looks at you and says," You are My Son, My Daughter, I will never Leave you, nor forsake you"

The Bible says

  1. Synagogue leader Jairus's Servant thought that everything is over and came and said to him that his daughter is dead and it is waste of time to trouble Jesus Christ to come and pray. The Almighty Lord who doesn't forsake his people, He not only said Fear not, only Believe and even surprised everyone by raising the dead girl back to life

  2. When the People on the boat saw  a big Fish had swallowed Jonah. They would have thought saying everything is over regarding Jonah.  The Almighty Lord who doesn't forsake his people remembered the great Vision He had about Jonah and delivered him and used him as a channel of Blessing to bring a revival to the big nation Nineveh

  1. When King Herod captured Simon Peter and put him into the prison  to be hanged in the morning. He would have thought  that the Ministry of Simon Peter is over. The Almighty Lord who doesn't forsake his people  intervened and rebuilt Peter's life back. Simon Peter not only miraculously escaped from the Prison and God used him mightily to build the Church and build people's lives.

      My Beloved,  Are you worried looking at the present situations and troubled about the things that you are hearing and seeing that is happening around you? Are you troubled saying this is not going to change, it is impossible, How long should I wait for the things that I expected to fulfill? How long should I go through this humiliation and shameful situation?

     My Dear, The Lord who is unchanging in his love is always mindful about you, Caring about you and much Concerned about you. As He is watching you and His eyes are always forced on you, He shall certainly grant you the goodness that you had been waiting, expecting and praying. So, Let your heart not be in trouble, believe and expect great things from God.

                                                                                    God bless You..!

Bro Maxwell Lazarus

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