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He will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4)

Date - (27.10.2020 )


He will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4)

Dear Beloved in Christ..!                                                                                                                   

Greetings to you..!

     In this world everyone as a desire to be something or achieve something, Some say everyone may desire but only few can achieve those things, the reason is it depends on how much we desire so strong will be our efforts, how much is our efforts so big will be our achievements. My dear, situation may seem impossible, hard to believe that your dreams will come to pass. But we have a good news we have Heavenly Father who has great dreams about you, great plans about you. So things are going to be good, better and greater than you expected. Remember, You are the beloved child of God, a creation of his great dream plan, the best plan. Yes, He loves you, Care for you and He understands you and He will not let you down to be ashamed at any circumstance.

This God of Love  and concern looks at you and says, " I will fulfill the desires of your heart"

The Bible says,

  1. Joseph had a great dream to be a honourable person, but his own people did not believe it, made fun of it. But Our Lord who fulfills our heart desire saw that Joseph did not doubt the promise of God and saw that he was unchanging in waiting to claim the promises. And so God blessed him and lifted him up before his own people.

  2. The women with a flow of blood for 18 years had a great dream to be healed, but the people around did not believe it and was an obstacle to claim it. But Our Lord who fulfills our heart desire saw the unshakable faith of this women who came and touched the hem of Jesus Christ garment with faith. Immediately the Power of God touched her and healed her before everyone.

  3. Elisha, the servant of Prophet Elijah had a great dream to receive double portion of Anointing, but his master thought it is impossible and a hard thing to believe and to receive. But Our Lord who fulfills our heart desire saw the unquenched thirst of Elisha, who was not losing any opportunity to claim the promise of God. And so God anointed him and used him mightily in the  Lord's ministry before those people who thought low about him.

   My Beloved, It is God's divine plan that you should be Blessed. It is God's desire to bless you and your Family, your Business, your Job, your Ministry and everything that belongs to you. But the  situation and problems may be against you, and the obstacles in your life may stand as a block not allowing you to go forward.

But Remember, We have a wonderful Lord who doesn't change or forgets us. Just as the Rainbow lights up  as a sign  of  hope  after every showers of rain  obeying  the command of God. Same  way  the Good Things, Promises, Prophesies that He had commanded in your Life, it shall certainly come to pass. Yes, Your prayers are been heard by God and your answer is on the way. So expect great things from God.


                                                                       God bless You..!

Bro Maxwell Lazarus

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