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I am the LORD your God And there is no other ( Joel 2 27)

Date - (23.10.2021 )

I am the LORD your God And there is no other ( Joel 2 27)

Dear Beloved in Christ..!

Greetings to you..!

There are times we may feel and think does really God loves me, if so why I am surrounded by Problems, situations with people who try to hurt me and try to bring me down and break my heart into pieces. The reason is that we have a good God and the Devil is a bad Devil, He is always planning to destroy, steal the good things what God had planned, prepared  for us. But in midst of it we have a wonderful God who is always mindful about us, He is mindful, B'cos He is the one who had created us, carried us, guarded us until now and He is a concerned God about you.

This God of love looks at you and says, "As I am there beside you, No one can touch you, Hurt you nor pluck anything that belongs to you"

The Bible says,

= Goliath seemed to be a giant in physical structure, But as the Lord was with David, Goliath was not able to come near him or touch him.

= The Jericho wall seemed to be strong and big, But as the Lord was with the Israelites, The Jericho wall was not able to block them or  stop them from going forward.

= The Sickness that tormented King Hezekiah seemed to be powerful with no remedy, But as the Lord was with the King Hezekiah, The Sickness was not able to stop his joy from getting healed.

My Dear, Remember He is the Almighty, Powerful and the God of all Possibilities, There  is  nothing hard  for Him that  He cannot change, There is  nothing impossible  for Him  that  He cannot Stop and There is nothing big for Him that He cannot Revive.

So start your day with a smile, for our Lord is fighting your battle, removing the barriers, arranging and preparing things in your favour and He is creating a New way even when there is no way.


                                                                                 God bless You..!

Bro Maxwell Lazarus

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