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A little one shall become a Thousand and a small one a Strong Nation, I the Lord, will hasten it in its time (Isaiah 60:22)

Date - (12.06.2021 )

A little one shall become a Thousand and a small one a Strong Nation,

 I the Lord, will hasten it in its time (Isaiah 60:22)

Dear Beloved in Christ..!                                                                                                                                                                     

Greetings to you..!

You are the wonderful creation of God, created for a purpose and a reason. The situations around may make you feel that your future is in the dark and you may also say that you are buried into problems that you cannot rise up. Always remember you are here in this world to play an important role in the divine plan of God and you are been created by God more braver than you believe, more stronger than you seem, more smarter than you think and twice as beautiful more than any creation that you have seen on this earth.

This wonderful Creator who loves you so much looks at you and says, "you little one shall become a Thousand and you meant as small shall turn into a Strong Nation"

The Bible says,

  1. David who loved God, was recognized as the least and last in the family, everyone who looked at him as an ordinary shepherd saying He is only worthy to tend the sheep's and goats in the wilderness. But to the surprise of everyone David who was meant has the least, God turned his Future from an Ordinary Shepherd to a great King of Israel.

  2. Hannah who trusted on God, was humiliated with words saying that she is just a weeping Childless Woman who had been waiting for many years for a Child, but No use. But to the surprise of everyone Hannah who was spoken low and lacking, God turned her Life from a women of lacking to an honourable mother of a Prophet.

  1. Naaman who seeked God for a miracle, was forgotten as a fearless, great warrior of Syria. B'cos He was looked down and humiliated by people saying that he is just a man infected with Leprosy, But  God who saw the faith and his humbleness to the surprise of everyone Naaman who was thought and spoken low and sick person, God healed him miraculously and made him a testimony of God's Power before all.

My Beloved, today you may be seen and spoken as small, low, lacking by others and you may also be rejected and dejected by the people whom you loved and respected. But in midst of it, Remember we have a wonderful God who has wonderful plans for you, He shall honour you, uplift you and bless you before all. So let not be worried about what the people had spoken about you, how they are looking at you and about the things that happened and that has come to an end. But be of good Cheer, The Eyes of God is watching you, who is meant as small by others, so expect great things from the hands of God

                                                                                 God bless You..!

Bro Maxwell Lazarus

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