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Do not be afraid, I will do for you all that you ask ( Ruth 3:11 )

Date - ( 02.12.2020 )

Do not be afraid, I will do for you all that you ask ( Ruth 3:11 )

Dear Beloved in Christ...!                                                                                                                                                                  

Greetings to you..!

If there is a beginning there is an End and some believe and say if there is a Bad time there is also a good time. But the good news is that we have a our Loving Lord who is always with us at all times, so let us not be worried about the things that we see and hear.

He is the Almighty God who is in midst of you, He is Powerful in His Words and Deeds and there is nothing hard for him.

Yes, Lord of Glory looks at you and says, "Do not be afraid, I will do for you all that you ask"

The Bible says,

  1. Esther was afraid about the King, what he will say or do if she goes to meet the king without permission regarding the conspiracy  against the Jewish people. But yet She prayed for God's favour and went forward. Her Prayers did not go in vain, Nothing happened as she thought, instead the King asked what was her request and that it shall be granted. Yes, her problems got solved easily.

  2. King Jehoshaphat was so afraid When he saw the enemies had come in great multitude against him. And he was so worried not know what to do? how to overcome this situation and gain victory over them. But yet he and his fellow people prayed for God's mighty presence to be with them. Their Prayers did not go in vain, without fighting  they won the battle, because God fought the battle for them.

  3. The Zarephath Women who was so much worried about the Financial problem in her family, she did not know how to solve it, she thought in her mind that it's her fate and decided to commit suicide and die. But in midst of it, I believe she would have cried to God for help, if it not God wouldn't have sent the man of God Elijah to help her to solve the problem in a miraculous manner.

Yes, The eyes of God is watching you, He knows the Fears that torments you, He is aware about the threats that you are facing everyday and He is aware about the confused state of mind you are going through alone.   But when you look upon to him, seek his favour and help . He will certainly help you, deliver you and honour you.

                                                                            God bless You..!

Bro Maxwell Lazarus

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