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He shall strengthen your heart (Psalm 31:24)

Date - ( 15.01.2021 )

He shall strengthen your heart (Psalm 31:24)

Dear Beloved in Christ..!                                                                                                                                                                   

Greetings to you..!

Let us praise God for giving us another new wonderful day to excel, to achieve and see the wonders of God. Every day is a New day with new surprises waiting on our way, when we look at the glowing stars in the night and hot bright Sun in the daylight and every living creatures that fly and everything that move around us is a surprise making us wonder what a wonder working God we are serving. Yes, He is the Almighty God and He is our God.

This God of Concern looks at us and says, "I will strengthen your heart"

Yes, we need God to strengthen and empower us without his strength, we will not be able to stand in this world.

The Bible says

  1. When David came to know that the enemies had captured his family members and others at Ziklag, He cried until he had no strength to weep, But later when he prayed on got a solution from God. David was strength ened in Faith with his fear running away and He was able to overcome the enemies, and got back what he had lost.

  2. The Blind man at the streets of Jericho on coming to know that Jesus Christ was on the way, He was strengthened in his Faith with his worries running away. He cried louder until he had no strength to call him, B'cos He believed that Jesus Christ was the solution for his healing. Just has he believed he received a miracle with his blind eyes opening.

  3. Jacob who was walking alone in the wilderness with Fear on coming to know the place where he was sleeping was filled with Angels and the Lord sitting above. And on hearing the voice of god with promises. Jacob was strengthened in Faith with his doubts running away and He became a transformed person and a blessing for generations.

My Dear, is the Job, Ministry, Business, Family, health matters pressurizing you? Due to the continuous problems and struggles are you losing your strength?  Are you troubled about the future not knowing what to do? Are you depressed about the delayed goodness? My Beloved, pray and get a counsel from God just  the way David succeeded and be strengthened in the Lord, call upon to the precious name Jesus, b'cos He is the one who could change our situations. There is nothing hard, impossible for him. Yes, The days of going forward in your life and the days of claiming your blessings is very much near.

                                                                            God bless You..!

Bro Maxwell Lazarus

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