"WORD OF GOD MINISTRY" is a spiritual mentoring, counseling and coaching ministry focusing on personal healing of mind, soul and body. And to help each one to grow in the love of God and build their relationship with their loved ones in the manner of counseling and we provide leadership development retreats based on the authority of the scripture and on the intimate relationship with Christ and thus giving them an opportunity to experience the heavenly blessing on earth and help them to seek deeper personal relationship with God. Psalms 42:1,2

The Facets of the Ministry

It is a ministry where people of all age have an opportunity to experience God's Love, Power and Grace
It's a prayer center where people from all caste; creed and languages are invited to receive God's blessing and deliverance.


       Shepherd's prayer Chamber - Isaiah 40:11 
       Counseling for Individuals - Luke 24:45 
       Renewing the foundations - 1 Cor 3:9-11 

       Is a individual mentoring ministry especially for the youths. 2 Tim 2:2 

Prayers and counseling done by people, who are of well anointed, equipped and specially trained for this purpose. We give solutions to          people who contact us solutions through the Bible with personal experience to deliverance them in body, souls and mind. 


We do conduct meetings for the young generation, meetings such a Youth Revival,Power Classes and also conduct special prayer meeting to encourage the students who are about to attend their exams.

  • WOMEN'S MINISTRY - Deborah Prayer Group

We do conduct special meetings for the Women's, meetings such a Women's Revival meeting, Family Retreat, Family Awareness Seminar's.


Our ministry is involved and connected with all kinds of people of all caste, creed & religion, whom we show no differences. This ministry is based on communication, were people contact us through all kinds of mode such as Letter Writing, Emails, Prayer and counseling over the Phone and people coming in person for prayers to the Prayer Center.

  • Campaign Ministry

As brother has been graciously used by God in the Prophetic and Healing Ministry and a person burdened for the dying souls. And thus he has been travelling to many parts of India and also all-round the Globe without tiring to share the word of God with sign and wonders for the Glory of God!


It is a ministry that is very much involved in conducting Cottage Meetings. These Meetings are conducted every month regularly in 16 locations in Chennai.

  1. Alandur
  2. St.Thomas Mount
  3. Choolaimedu
  4. Mugalivakkam
  5. Pallikaranai
  6. Urapakkam
  7. Anakaputhur
  8. Pamal, Pallavaram
  9. Porur
  10. Parrys
  11. Nunganallur
  12. Mudichur Road,Tambaram

The main reason for these meetings is to build the family in the faith of the Lord and to revive, mould and encourage the young believer's to be a blessing to their own church of where they attend.


At present a Tamil monthly magazine has been published in the name "Devanudiya Vaarthai" . God willing it will be published very soon in English, Telugu, Hindi..etc

  • New book to be released soon

Women of the Bible (Old - New Testament) Tamil - already released
The Secret of David's Success


Is a small group peer coaching ministry, serving evangelical pastors and their spouses. Eph 6:10 The Lord had burdened us to join as a team with other fellow servants of God to conduct meeting based on the Power of God (Gifts of the Holy Spirit) and Plan of God. Such meetings, conference and seminars are conducted all around India as our Lord leads us. The reason is to make aware of the Christian believers the importance and the need for the power of God in the last days and encourage them to be a blessing and a part of what God wants to do through them in their own town. We had conducted such meetings at Kolkata, Visakapatinam, Tanjore and many parts of Chennai


Messages spoken by brother and messages translated into other languages in Tamil, English, Hindi, Telugu are available ...
And messages shared by brother in various Prayer meetings, Campaign, Retreats and Power ministry are also available...


Television Ministry which had been telecasted in the name "Kartharudiya Neram" and "Nesarin Anbin Neram" in Imayam T.V and S.S Music has been stopped for reasons is yet to be re-sheduled very soon

But now a new Programme is telecasted in Thoodu T.V in the name "Devanudhiya Vaarthain Naram" on every Sunday @ 7.30 PM - 8.00 PM

Website : www.wordofgod.co.in / www.wogministries.net 

Email : Maxwell.lazarus@yahoo.com


All thou brother travels all around many parts of India and around the globe to preach the Word of God. But yet he has a great burden for the dying souls in the villages and thus he conducts various special Gospel meetings and personal reach out Village Ministries. And more than that he is very much burdened to reach out to the downtrodden and to Educate, Medical assistance and to help them to stand on their own legs with small jobs like tailoring,. Etc of which brother is in process...



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