The lord who anoints with power

i was born and brought up in a catholic family. I have not participated in any of the spirutal meetings. i never had belief in that. one of my closest relative called me for the power ministry conducted in thanjavur. i participated as i cannot disrespect them. But the words spoken in that meeting were so good that i can tell its good that i came to the meeting. I learnt that its not only going to church but there are lot of other things we need to fulfill in our christian life. Moreover God has anointed me with immeasurable Anointing of the holy spiritand the speaking of tongues.

--- Sis.Pushpa Rathi, Thanjavur, TN
The lord who answers our tears

In the month of may , my six year old son Jaswant was suffering with severe stomach pain. And we saw several doctors in hospitals and none of them could diagnose the cause of it. For over 25 days he could not eat nor sleep. At this juncture one of my family friend called me for the prayer meeting held in sis Hepsiba Mohan conducted by Bro Maxwell. All the words that he spoke were as if its spoken for me. I got consoled and a new hope. Also after the meeting he prayed with compassion for my son laying his hands on him. The very same night God showed us the miracle.My son slept very well without any pain. From that day he got healed. God has seen my tears and healed my son completely. Thanks to brother who prayed for us.

--- Sis. Vanaja, Patroad, TN


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