DEUTRONOMY 26: 6/ ISAIAH 66 : 13/ JEREMIAH 33 : 3 / NAHUM 1 : 7 / ZEPHANIAH 3 : 15
DEUTRONOMY 1: 11 / ZECHARIAH 9 : 12/JOEL 2 : 21 / JEREMIAH 30: 18,19
DEUTRONOMY 15: 6 / ZECHARIAH 2:5/ JOEL 2: 23 / ISAIAH 55:6 / EXODUS 15 : 26
ISAIAH 41 : 10 / JEREMIAH 32 : 41 / PSALMS 103 : 3,5

For the Children of God this year will be a year of GLORY & HONOUR.
  • It will be God's manifesting power in a Special way
  • This will be a year of recognition and answer for all your waiting.
  • A year of difference where people shall see and say that the Lord is very much with you , blessing and increasing you with the Worldly blessings and with the Spiritual Blessings
  • Even though it will be a troublesome year with all kinds of oppression due to new government laws, but yet the churches shall be united and shall sense a great revival and harvest in midst of great pressure from evil forces.
  • In midst of people like Nebuchadnezzar and Pharaoh our Lord will pour down his spirit upon his people and raise people like Daniel and Moses, proving that every things his possible by the Spirit of God.
  • You shall sense the pour of the Holy Spirit in a Mighty and in a Special way and raise many young people like Esther, Deborah, Elijah, Elisha, Joshua, Moses doing mighty miracles with signs and wonders and proving that He is a living Lord.
  • People who are faithful in prayer and committed faithfully in the Lord?s Ministry and those who want to do the Will of God for them this is the year. You will see a Change, Satisfaction, Honor and Glory in your family and Ministry.

  For the World...


"It is all full of lies and robbery; the prey departeth not..?(Nahum 3:1) 

The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly, even the voice of the day of the LORD: the mighty man shall cry there bitterly.

That day is a day of wrath, a day of trouble and distress, a day of wasteness and desolation, a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness, (Zephaniah 1:14,15)

It will be a year filled with much gloominess of people living in Fear and the forces of the darkness trying to dominate and prevail the whole earth.

It will be a historical year filled much with many signs and happenings in the Sky and on the Earth showing that we are very much in the last days.

You will hear about Terrorist organization arising in well organized manner bringing peaceless situation in many countries. You will hear continuous news about bomb blast and terrorist attacks, which was not seen before, bringing trouble and pressure internal and external surprising and spoiling the peace of many countries.

It will be a dreadful days to preach the Gospel with all kinds restricting resolutions and there will be News about laws pressuring the freedom of the Church and we shall hear about new laws implemented by the Church and controversial speeches defiling the sanctity of one's Faith. We shall hear news about New Religions, New Organizations arising with false doctrines confusing and blinding the people with saying like, The World is not going to End, Only money is important for life and go on to say that illegal relationship is not wrong


  • There will be unpredictable drastic Climatical changes and pestering Natural Calamities destruction now and then leaving the people to live in fear.
  • Till now there was a problem about No water everywhere, but from now onwards it is going to change, the excess of water problem will burden the people more.
  • You will hear news about Sea water level increasing with the sea water taking over some parts of a country and other side water withdrawing and giving place for land in some countries bring change in World Map.
  • This will be a year filled with all kinds of accidents of Air, Sea and Roadways.
  • We will hear shocking news about bloodsheds and news about people killing for Fame, Money and unworthy reasons
  • You will hear news about changes of the government in many countries.
  • Due to the pathetic situation at Egypt and Syria there will be peaceless situation in that countries.
  • We will hear pathetic news about Mexico
  • We will hear news of heavy snowfall and people frozen to death.
  • There will be a pathetic news about a happening in a big stadium.
  • World Renowned Foot ball player will pass away this year
  • We will hear about a sudden dead of a famous Cricket player
  • You will see and hear the love of the people have come cold and many ending their lives by attempting suicide's and many breaking their long relationships in the wedding.
  • We shall hear Nations arising against nations, people arising against other people and I saw Fighter Planes, War Tanks rushing and the war Ships in Alarm, maybe it is sign a for another War.
  • We will hear a painful incidents and Pathetic news coming now and then from the Vatican City and Italy.
  • We will headlines news about Satellites and Astronauts and also news about the Scientific changes and new findings in the atmosphere.
  • There will be headline News about Croatia , Venezuela, Mozambique, Nigeria and Zambia
  • There will be headline News about Landslide and Snow slide causing many losses and deaths.
  • This will be a year filled with destruction, damages and losses caused due to Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunami waves, Floods and Storms.
  • We shall see cold breeze, heavy Snowfall and the Heat of the Sun tormenting many countries in an unusual way differing from what was not seen before.
  • There will be peaceless situations in many countries, due to the rebels and continuous protesting people in violence, putting things out of control.
  • Italy, Germany, France will continue to be troubled with all kinds of protestation due to financial and unemployment Crisis.
  • There will a terrifying news about the Sumatra Islands
  • Threatening Earth quakes now and then, which was not heard before in many countries.
  • We will hear a controversial news about a famous Sports Star and a Sports Association.
  • World Renowned Man of God will enter into God?s Glory.
  • There will be pathetic headlines news about Pakistan, Australia and Indonesia.
  • We will hear a pathetic news about poisonous gas leakage in Japan.
  • There will be a troublesome situation between Japan and China
  • There is will a Headline news about Oil in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
  • A New disease causing mental disorder and a Mental depression, which will be a great pressure of many countries, due to this sickness the crime will increase; as those affected people will not know what they are doing is wrong.
  • We shall hear news of terrorist organization operating within Israel and pestering the peace & joy of the country.
  • There will be many tragedy news of Airports, Railways, Malls being attacked
  • There will be a news about a Big Ship collapsing in the middle of the sea, something like Titanic.
  • There will be a sudden news about a Renowned Actor, who is known as a strongman of Hollywood.
  • There will be a news of some kind of attack in France and on the Eiffel tower.
  • The good news is the whole world will join in unity against the Terrorism and about the danger coming from the Sky.
  • We will hear about laws will be implemented by the UNO that countries should come forward with unconditional Trading, and Terrorizing informations to be shared with other countries without bar, leading to one Government One money

United States of America

  • A Year filled with Trouble and Confusion.
  • The New US government laws implemented shall not only pressurize within the country and even internationally.
  • Due to Economy of the country going down to shameful situation, causing differences and confusions within political parties.
  • There will be a mourning incident about a demise of a great political leader.
  • Due to statement given by the government there will be aggressive and oppressions from the Arab and Asian countries.
  • There will be many threatening attacks from the terrorist organization.
  • There will be a sudden news about a Renowned servant of God passing away.
  • Cities like Texas, California, Mississippi, San Francisco, Orlando and New Jersey shall be much affected due to Tornadoes , Heavy floods and Climatically changes.
  • The Economy deeply worsening putting them into pathetic situation with students of other nations discontinuing their studies and leaving back to their country and companies of other nation closing down which will cause financial crisis and unemployment in the country.
  • First Six months it will be pressuring and peace less situation, but gradually the lost glory of America shall return.
  • In midst of this situation the churches of America shall sense a great sweep of Revival. The pathetic situation of the country will cause thousands of people returning back to God.
  • There will be many meetings and conferences giving importance to prayer.
  • We will hear that many Women's will play a great role in the New Government.

United Kingdom

  • A Year filled with Trouble and Mourning
  • All kinds of Crisis pressurizing and shaking the people's Joy and Unity of the Country.
  • There will a controversial news about the Royal family of England
  • There will a news about a Church that will be Bomb blasted
  • Some kind of a important place, a Building were people gather for meetings will be attacked, I saw a White Van, speeding with people with guns attacking people, i saw everywhere dead bodies with all over blood around.
  • There will be some shocking news about a Sports player


  • It will be a year filled with crisis.
  • Pressuring situations from other countries including UNO.
  • It will face threatening climatic situation, due to heavy snowfall
  • I saw a vision of the Russian army standing in alert, may be due to some troublesome situation in that country.


  • It will grow strong in Economy and Military affairs
  • It will join hands with Western opponent countries and will pressurize and will give threatening comments against those nations.
  • It will threaten and interfere in other countries affairs by implementing laws and even causing Cyber Crime of computer Hacking, due to this it will earn the enmity of the Western Countries. This pathetic situation will not only burden countries and even the UNO.
  • It will face threatening climatic situation, due to heavy snowfall , flood and landslide.
  • I saw a vision of a women running fear, with all kinds of boils all over her face, some kind of unique virus will torment the Nation.
  • In midst of these trouble, people will seek the face of god
  • China's Close doors will be opened and God will pour his Holy Spirit in a mighty way and will raise many young people to shake the Nation with signs and wonders.
  • It will grow more in Sports affair.
  • It shall be caught again and warned by Nations regarding its Spying attitude.


  • This will be a golden year for India, going to the next level in Scientific Technology and in Trade and Military affairs.
  • India shall arise as powerful Country and it shall be recognized and will be listed one among the great nations of great power and it shall play a great role in the UNO.
  • There will be a tremendous growth in the IT Department, Military and Science. The invention and the achievements in Scientific Technology will surprise the whole world. This will make the neighboring countries to be peaceful with India.
  • But within India, due to new Laws implemented there will be a lot of political confusion and also many news of unstable state government with different opinions, causing problems internally and externally suppressing the peace and unity of the country.
  • A renowned Political leader will pass away.
  • Heat wave of the Sun, Heavy Rainfall and Cold breeze shall be sensed more in this year.
  • We will hear about important Agreements signed with Israel, France, Germany and particularly with America.
  • India will shine in the field of sports
  • We shall hear about the out pour of the Holy spirit in a great way and many news of a VIP's, Great Dignitaries accepting Lord as their personal Saviour.
  • Threaten of Terrorists will be more in this year.
  • Many Indians will be chosen to play prominent Role in the New US government.
  • The laws of New US government will favor the Indians.




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