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I deeply appreciate the time you have taken to visit the School of Power Ministry,and I pray and believe you will find both our tools and resources will help you study to be "approved unto God, a work man that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" ( 2Timothy 2:15).

Since early 2008 when I was led to start the school, the response has been truly amazing. There has been such an anointing on these Bible classes. Men and women from throughout Chennai enrolled in the first classes in Pallavaram. Since that time, following the Lord's leading, we have started additional classes in other locations. Through the help of other dear brothers recently we were able to conduct such power impacted meeting at Tanjore, Visakhapatnam, Delhi, etc... This teaching program will change your life as you receive fresh, rich truths from the Word of God, nourishing and strengthening you in a deeper walk with our wonderful Lord Jesus. Welcome!

Enroll now !!

Enroll now and we will inform you well in advance when? Where? The Course will be held, As we don't have a regular course, but we conduct such courses on the dates / Place with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Each course is justified with a Minimum Fee as per the place we are about to conduct the meeting.

The admission fee : Includes the 3 days courses ,  with additional  FREE delicious food in the afternoon and   Tea / Snacks in the morning / Evening. 

Upon the successful completion of each 3 days courses , you will receive a beautiful certificate, ready to be framed and proudly displayed in your home or office. 

Enrollment is easy: Follow the simple directions to enroll, and begin your first class session immediately. 

The School of Power Ministry classes are designed to help you learn more about Jesus Christ, to discover how to develop God's calling in your life, and to arm you to become a mighty warrior in the Lord's Kingdom. 

The School of Power Ministry, from its beginning, has sought to remove all barriers Caste, Creed and age and ouronly motive is to help you to accomplish your Spiritual goals:

  • You do not need a high school or college degree for enrollment. If you have thirst to receive God's power and have zeal to serve God is enough.

And as The Holy Spirit leads and guides us the "Topics" will be added with the above materials filled with spiritual inputs and revelations in each seminar.

Watch a sample of a School of Power Ministry online course. Even though some of the expanded features are disabled on this sample, you can quickly experience the excitement and fulfillment you will enjoy as a student.

Courses Offered

1 Gift of Communication A) Gift of speaking in Tongues
B) Gift of Interpretation
C) Gift of Prophesy
2 Gift of Revelation A) Gift of Wisdom
B) Gift of Knowledge
C) Gift of Discerning of Spirits
3 Gift of Lord's Power A) Gift of Faith
B) Gift of Healing
C) Gift of working miracles


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